Why Should You Introduce Digital Radio Communications?

Whatever industry sector you reside in, communication is the key to not only ensuring that both new and existing customers are fully satisfied with your products or services but keeping your workforce positive and productive. There are a number of radio communication devices that sit at the heart of many industries, however, when it comes to upgrading your current system or adopting brand new technology within your organisation understanding the benefits that go hand-in-hand with digital two way radios is important.

As a leading supplier of both analogue and digital two way radios, we have been responsible for the successful integration of radio communication devices across all industries. Our experts have worked with factories, warehouses, schools, construction companies, hotels, retailers, event organisers and lone workers to ensure their aim to achieve better communication and efficiency is fulfilled. Here we explore the features every organisation can harness, whether adopting digital two way radios on a fixed period or rolling contract.

Customisable communication across your workforce

Being able to personalise your experience when using radio communications throughout your organisation can be particularly difficult when utilising the basic settings and features available with analogue devices. However, thanks to the latest advancements in digital technology, you and your staff members can have greater control over who you communicate with on the factory or shop floor. Choose the ‘one to one’ or ‘one to many’ privacy setting to ensure you and your wider workforce can get messages across clearly and to the right colleagues.

Better range and battery life

In larger industrial environments having the range to get the job done in a timely and professional manner has always been a challenge. However with digital two way radios you can enjoy longer range to ensure clear communication across organisations of all sizes. The maintenance of radio communication technology has also been a difficulty for large national and multi-national companies, however with an extra 40% operation time now available, longer battery life and less maintenance will ensure radio communication is a pleasure, not a chore.

Easy integration with existing radio systems

The majority of companies that come to us for assistance already have a radio communication system in place, however, if you do want to unlock the benefits of digital devices, your existing system needn’t hold you back. Whether the system you currently have in place is digital or analogue, our two way radios are designed and developed to ensure easy integration with existing technology. This means that you can invest in improving your radio communication over a prolonged period of time without affecting the productivity of your workforce.

Improved protection and privacy

Protecting your company assets and customer data from prying eyes and listening ears is a must for any organisation, particularly if your industry is highly competitive as many are today. Analogue and digital two way radios were traditionally defenceless against eaves-dropping, however, thanks to improved privacy settings and stronger security encryption capabilities you and your wider workforce can enjoy greater protection.

Practical features for harsh environments

As well as accessing one to one and one to many communications within your workforce as mentioned earlier, the free text messaging service available with many handsets will also ensure clear communication amongst colleagues can be maintained, even in the noisiest of working environments. Our handsets also provide background noise reduction and conversation recording to ensure you or your staff members don’t miss a single word.

In addition to this, harsher industrial and commercial environments are fully catered for, with waterproof and rugged audio equipment offering a bespoke solution to your specific needs.

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