Which Hytera Walkie Talkie Should I Invest in?

As the UK’s leading supplier of several analogue and digital radio brands, we are no stranger to helping our clients discover the best, most effective and affordable route to customised communications. In addition to selling the latest and greatest radio models from the likes of Motorola, Kenwood, Icom, Box, TomTom, Vertex and Foretrack, our selection of Hytera walkie talkies is second to none. However, with such a huge range to choose from, how can you determine which Hytera radio is right for your organisation?

Here we take a closer look at just some of the Hytera radio models stocked and supplied by our team so you can make an informed decision during your upcoming purchase.


The Hytera PD785 unlocks a number of DMR capabilities and thanks to its ergonomic design, this particular model is extremely easy to use and ideal for simple system integration. The model itself calls upon the reliable quality that this leading global manufacturer is known and loved for. Both the PD785 and PD785G (GPS enabled) are compliant with MILSTD- 810 C/D/E/F and IP57 standards, a trait that ensures optimum performance in the harshest of environments.

Power 446

Robust, portable and assured, the Hytera Power 446 is ideal for clients looking for a license-free and advanced voice solution with extended battery life. The model is also dust and waterproof, a quality that is approved to class IP66.


For those searching for digital and analogue capabilities, here at Consam, we don’t think our clients have to choose between the two, and with the Hytera PD505 walkie talkie you don’t have to! It’s light, sleek and stylish design may look excessively modern but the PD505 can slip back into analogue mode at the touch of a button, for easy and efficient cross-company migration.


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