What’s the Difference Between Walkie Talkies and Two Way Radios?

For many individuals, the terminology surrounding the latest analogue and digital communication devices can be confusing, particularly if you are an industrial or commercial business owner looking to upgrade your devices for better efficiency.

However, knowing which walkie talkie or two way radio is right for you means developing an understanding of this market and the jargon that many manufacturers throw at you in the process. Whilst here at Consam 2 Way Radios, we try to keep the purchase and hire process as transparent and easy to understand as possible to ensure each and every one of our customers can find the right product for them, many manufacturers don’t make it as simple.

Here we provide our essential advice on walkie talkies so you can source an effective and efficient communication solution for your organisation.

So what is the difference between the two?

These days walkie talkies and two way communication devices are referred to in the same breath, with many using the latter to describe equipment meant for commercial and industrial use. Whilst the history behind the two differs considerably, with walkie talkies initially developed for military use during the Second World War, both two way radios and walkie talkies are now used widely across a number of industries.

Walkie talkies are often used to describe analogue two way communication devices, which use the traditional ‘push and talk’ function. However, the latest advancements in the analogue and digital market mean that this terminology is used universally to describe two way communication devices with both analogue and digital features.

Are walkie talkies a suitable choice for my organisation?

As we’ve mentioned walkie talkies are utilised across a variety of industries and have been used to unlock a series of advantages for organisations of all sizes and niches. But before we look into the benefits of hiring or buying two way radio devices, we must first explore which sectors see clearer communication as a necessity.

Clarity in communication is beneficial to all industries, however, the following use digital and analogue radios to enhance efficiency further…

The use of two way radios is particularly beneficial in noisy environments, after all widespread and continuous misunderstanding or misinterpretation could put a major burden on the wider business. The use of walkie talkie headsets can also adapt two way communication further for noisy working environments.

What can my business gain from two way communication?

Two way radio technology harnesses a number of benefits for organisations across a wide range of sectors. As well as the increase in clarity improving workplace efficiency, finding a fitting two way radio product will put your organisation one step closer to improved health and safety.

When choosing digital products you can also integrate these easily into your existing analogue network, meaning you can make the switch over to digital and incorporation of the latest innovations in two way communication as slowly or as quickly as you like. This easy integration is perfect for start-up or small businesses geared towards fast growth as their network can be expanded over time to cater to their company’s changing needs.

Security is also enhanced through the use of digital and analogue devices. Digital walkie talkies in particular offer iron clad encryption capabilities whilst allowing users to isolate communication one to one or one to many.

Unlock better communication

Walkie talkies are available to buy or to hire at Consam 2 Way Radios, so contact us today to discuss your options and start your free trial.

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