What Makes ATEX Approved Radios Intrinsically Safe?

As an employer in a highly specialised industry sector you are certain to have many moral and legal obligations to fulfil, however, for those running or managing work environments that are deemed ‘explosive atmospheres’ even your selection of equipment can mean the difference between life and death.

The ATEX Directive provides essential reading for employers in oil rigs, open mines and other hazardous settings. In addition to delivering guidance on what constitutes an explosive atmosphere, the Directive and underlying regulations offer further information about the equipment and protective systems intended for use in such workplaces, but what exactly makes radio equipment ATEX approved?

Failsafe components

For environments deemed hazardous and explosive, calling on equipment that won’t react with the dangerous and flammable dusts, gases, mists and vapours commonly found in these particular workplaces is important. Whether electrical or mechanical, ATEX approved radios contain components that exclude the possibility of sparks being generated where standard 2 way radios may falter.

Mindful system design

ATEX radio equipment is specifically designed for use in hazardous environments, and as well as the components within not having the capacity to react with high powered fields and intermittent electrical connections, other factors present in offshore refineries, chemical plants and power stations are also carefully considered before products are ratified by a Notified Body and the ‘EX’ symbol of approval gained.

To gain certification, ATEX radio equipment must meet strict criteria to ensure there is no potential of ignition under certain operating conditions.

Critical communication

In addition to ensuring that threats from flammable gases, combustible dust and chemical vapours are minimised or even eliminated, each ATEX approved range comes equipped with the advanced features needed to make certain communication is not only safe but reliable. Power and performance is essential in many environments, particularly hazardous settings, but with intrinsically safe 2 way radios you can harness the very best of both worlds.

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