What Can Your Retail Business Gain from Commercial 2 Way Radio Use?

Communication is one thing that drives every business forward. For organisations within the retail industry in particular ensuring that your workforce has the equipment they need to put communication high on their list of priorities is not just a matter of improving safety and security but essential to delivering the service that your customers deserve.

The retail industry is built on great customer service, and only those that fine-tune their operations to incorporate this will thrive in this fast paced world. Whether you run a clothing outlet, garden centre or DIY store, prioritising your customers can be achieved through the use of commercial 2 way radios, read on to find out how…

2 way radio benefits in retail environments

Regardless of what products you are selling to customers from your retail business, keeping operations as seamless as possible between workers on the shop and factory floors is important. Ensuring stock levels are as they should be and customers get the answers they need to their questions may require a quick call back to base, but thanks to the use of commercial 2 way radios you can provide great customer service at the click of a button.

In addition to enhancing customer experience in retail outlets, garden centres and DIY stores, using a 2 way radio system will ensure efficiency can be improved from the grassroots up. Whether you choose to rent or buy digital or analogue models as part of your new and improved system, productivity can be improved thanks to this convenient and clear means of communication. Any questions you or your customers may have about products available on the shop floor can be answered with a quick call to the stock room, whilst on digital radios privacy settings can be altered to provide protection against eaves-dropping.

Other advantages for retailers

It’s not just the relationship between customer base and brand that can be enhanced through the use of commercial 2 way radios. The safety, efficiency and productivity of your workforce can also be enriched significantly.

Health and safety management is an important focus for managers and business owners throughout the retail world. Due to the hands-free nature of radio headsets, safety is put first for workers at all levels as the ease of instant communication can be harnessed without the risk of becoming tangled in wired systems. The portability of handsets can also make operations much safer, whether they are being used on the shop floor or in the stock room.

The increased range, extended battery life and easy integration with existing systems also makes perfect sense for retail businesses looking to improve operations and efficiency in the same breath.

Digital or analogue?

For those looking to integrate radio communication into their organisation, one question still remains – do digital or analogue 2 way radios offer the best value?

Whilst analogue radios are particularly budget friendly, the enhanced capabilities of digital handsets and accessories unlock additional benefits for retail, DIY and garden supplies stores. In addition to all the advantages mentioned previously, digital commercial 2 way radios come with strong security encryption, with settings able to be adjusted from one-to-many to one-to-one for customised privacy. Digital handsets are also available with a free text messaging service for convenient communication on the go, whilst conversations can be recorded to ensure consistency remains and quality can be assured throughout your retail organisation.

Harnessing equipment that is as hard working as your retail business is the key to improving customer service and enhancing working relationships between each and every member of your team.

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