What are Intrinsically Safe 2 Way Radios?

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For organisations everywhere, safety is not just of utmost importance when it comes to protecting the employees that work in your business, and indeed the visiting customers who purchase your products or services.  It is also a legal obligation regardless of which industry sector you work.  In some environments, in particular safety operations, could mean the difference between life and death, and that is where intrinsic safety practices come in.

Intrinsically safe 2 way radios are an essential part of maintaining an excellent level of communication in particularly dangerous working environments, such as those with explosive atmospheres. Walkie talkies, 2 way radios and GPS devices play an integral role here as they do in any other market, but ensuring the portable radio equipment you choose and subsequently use is ATEX approved will ensure the people using such products can reap all the rewards and reduce, or even eliminate, any associated risks.

About intrinsically safe 2 way radios

When shopping around for the 2 way radios that suit you and your organisation, you are certain to encounter the term ‘intrinsically safe’ at some point, so what exactly does this phrase mean? Intrinsically safe 2 way radios refer to radio devices that are safe to use in hazardous environments. In such environments, the smallest presence of a spark, flame or any other heat source could create a safety hazard, particularly if the equipment you use needs electricity to operate successfully.

Any type of electrical device can be potentially hazardous in environments that have explosive atmospheres caused by flammable gases, mists, vapours or combustible dusts, and ensuring the radio you choose does not become a source of ignition is the only way an employer can prevent fatalities, serious injuries and other forms of significant damage. Intrinsically safe 2 way radios use specialist technology to prevent the release of dangerous substances, lower the risk of ignition and subsequently protect employees compared with standard products that often create internal sparks and generate heat.

What are your obligations as an employer?

For employers in potentially explosive or hazardous organisations, utilising equipment deemed intrinsically safe isn’t just a moral obligation but a legal one.

Under the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002 (DSEAR), every employer should put procedures in place and utilise equipment that eliminates or controls risks from explosive atmospheres in the workplace. ATEX also makes essential reading for employers with Directive 94/9/EC, more commonly referred to as ATEX Equipment Directive, delivering guidance on the use of equipment and protective systems in potentially explosive working environments.

Which working environments benefit the most?

There are a number of working environments across multiple industries that may need to pay particular attention to the Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations 2002 (DSEAR) and the ATEX Equipment Directive. Any organisation that produces explosive or potentially explosive atmospheres would need to consider their use of radio equipment carefully and contemplate the deployment of intrinsically safe 2 way radios. Vehicle paint spraying plants and workplaces that handle fine organic dust are just two organisation types that would benefit the most from equipment labelled as intrinsically safe.

What intrinsically safe radio equipment is available?

There are a variety of digital and analogue products that ensure hazardous environments that utilise flammable vapours and gases, flammable dust, flammable fibres or all of the above aren’t made even more dangerous, many of which are stocked by Consam. From intrinsically safe 2 way radios to the accessories that make clearer communications possible, i.e. headsets and microphones, our ATEX approved radios are specially designed to prevent short circuiting and the tiniest spark.


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