2-way radios for Warehouses

Long range walkie talkies for effective communication and improved effeciency.

Faster productivity and increased operational efficiency are keywords in the warehouse and logistics sector. Consam has a range of 2-way solutions  for warehouses designed to answer the demands of this fast-paced environment which requires effective indoor and outdoor communication between warehouse, yard and transport teams.  This is most often a very large area that 2 way radios need to provide clear communications for.  Consam 2 way radios are experts in specifying radios to suit any requirements including long range walkie talkies that won’t let you down.

Where noise is an issue, we have a number of innovative solutions that are tailored to industrial and noisy environments to maximise communication performance using long range walkie talkies and accessories to suit your individual requirements.

Expert support and advice

Consam 2 way radios will assist you in your purchase and support you thereafter, whether you buy, hire or lease our radios, you will have access to 2 way radio experts that can offer you technical support, service and maintenance to keep your equipment operating at it’s best.  Consam 2 way radios will pre-programme your long range walkie talkies for you so that you can begin using them out of the box.

Not used walkie talkies before?  No problem, Consam 2 way radios can provide training on any handsets.

Not sure which model / features you require?  Don’t worry, Consam, can talk you through it.

Concerned about the cost?  2 way radio systems are not as expensive as you may think – try hiring for a rolling period, no fixed term contract.

Not sure if they will be beneficial?  Why not see if you qualify for our free trial?

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