Is price the most important aspect to consider when buying walkie talkies?

It’s hard to say no to a low price, but at times you need to consider other elements when purchasing something, especially if it impacts your business. When it comes to walkie talkie price there are many things to think about before buying the cheapest bundle, especially if you take them back to the office to find out they’re not what you’d hoped for.

Here are some key points to consider before buying walkie talkies:

  • How long will I need them for? Whether it’s short-term or long-term, Consam 2-Way Radios offers complete flexibility as to whether you lease, hire or buy! With prices starting from £5 per handset, per week, it’s definitely something to think about.
  • Where will I be using them? Different walkie talkies are suited to different surroundings, so if you’re using them for festivals, you may need a headset to ensure clear communication.
  • Analogue or Digital? Analogue is an easy, affordable solution to communication problems when talking over a smaller range, whereas Digital is a longer-life solution with additional advanced features and further range.
  • What is my budget? Price is important because different systems vary depending on how technical they are. If you’re a small business, you may have a smaller budget so plans can be put in place with our advisors to ensure that you don’t exceed your original budget.

The risks of buying cheap Walkie Talkies

There are some down points when buying a bargain pair of walkie talkies, the quality is greatly affected and can impact your communication within your business but also the time taken to have to find a more trusted walkie talkie trader. Here are some of the issues that can arise when purchasing a cheaper set of walkie talkies:

  • Poor sound quality – An inexpensive set of walkie walkies are typically built using cheap components therefore resulting in poor sound quality leaving you unable to hear your colleagues at the other end.
  • Low battery life – Most budget walkie talkies only take standard AA batteries which often drain out within a few hours.
  • Imported radios – Most cheap radios you find on eBay are usually manufactured overseas with no certification. Being caught using a radio that’s extremely powerful and interfering can result in prosecution.

Try before you buy!

Most walkie talkie merchants don’t offer a trial of their products before you go ahead and buy them but here at Consam, you could qualify for a trial, giving you extra certainty before you purchase a pair.


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