Two-Way Radios

Effective two-way radio solutions for your business from Consam

Many businesses can benefit from using two-way radios, whether they are needed for general communication between departments and individuals or maintaining safety and security. By choosing Consam to meet your two-way communication needs, you can be assured that we utilise the very best in radio technology to find the right solution for your business, and ensure that there is complete compatibility with your existing systems. We are able to supply bespoke radio equipment to suit your needs and can meet any specific requirement you may have.

We supply two-way radios to businesses of all types, ranging from construction, manufacturing and warehouse to retail, education and events. Effective two-way communication is essential in helping staff to communicate more effectively, which helps to achieve better productivity, customer service, safety and security for your organisation.


Find greater security from Consam’s two way radios

Our two way radios are able to provide a number of features such as GPS tracking, panic buttons and links to fire alarms. They can also be fitted with headsets or earpieces and microphones for environments which are noisy. Security features of our digital range of two way radios include a one-to-one privacy setting, the ability to record conversations and security encryption capabilities.

Analogue two way radios are ideal for businesses which only requires basic functionality such as ‘push to talk’ allowing the user to speak to one person or a group using different channels. Digital two way radios offer a much wider coverage than that of analogue and provides enhanced audio quality for clear communication. Digital radios can also be programmed to send text messages, display messages and alert users to missed calls.

Consam two way radios can provide both digital and analogue two way radios on a purchase, lease or hire basis to suit your business. We have a number of lease plans to suit your budget, or if you require two way radios for a short period we can hire out equipment either daily, weekly, monthly or longer.


Contact Consam today to discuss how our two way radios can help your business

Call us today on 0116 276 0909 to discuss two-way radio requirements. Whether you require analogue or digital radios, need them for one day or longer, our wealth of experience and expertise can help you find the right solution for your company.