Two Way Communication – 5 Reasons to Go Digital

In the majority of cases, digital triumphs over analogue systems, however, many companies across a number of industry sectors still rely on traditional two way communication to get by. If you are considering an upgrade to your two way communication equipment, making the move from analogue to digital couldn’t be easier and can unlock a series of advantages for lone workers, noisy working environments, event organisers, retailers and public sector organisations.

Here we take a closer look at why a move to digital two-way radio may be a step in the right direction for your company…

Clarity with every conversation

Analogue radio waves have a tendency to fade out if signal within the area becomes disrupted, which can put a dampener on productivity particularly in noisy work environments where interference is a regular occurrence.

Digital signal remains at full strength wherever you are providing voice clarity and clearer audio right up until the maximum distance. Digital signals can also travel much further than analogue meaning you and your fellow users can cover a larger area.

Integrate your digital system easily

For organisations new to the digital world, jumping head first into this innovative form of two way communication may be a little daunting. However, thanks to the latest advancements, digital two-way radios can be easily integrated with existing systems. Even if your existing system is built on analogue, digital radios can work with these to wider and strengthen your field of communication.

Maximise security within your organisation

For many of the organisations that we have worked with, privacy is of utmost importance. Digital two way communication is ideal for public safety operations where security is high on the list of priorities.

Digital signals can be encrypted to offer improved security with every application. The signal can also be isolated at the touch of a button to communicate one-to-one with another user or with a selection of users. This enhanced level of privacy means that your calls are fully protected against eaves-dropping.

Missed a call? No problem!

Compared with analogue radios, digital two-way radios provide a wide range of sophisticated features that could just change how you do business. Missed calls are no longer an issue, and users are alerted via the digital display of any calls that may have slipped through the net. In addition to this, many digital models allow users to send messages to fellow digital users to improve communication further.

Again the messaging service can be set to one to one or one to all to ensure secure communication. Digital handsets also have the ability to record conversations too for maximum efficiency, whatever your environment.

Extend your time in the field

It is every organisation’s objective to increase productivity, regardless of their company’s size or niche, and thanks to extended battery life, digital handsets give you the tools to do just that. Digital two-way radios deliver up to 40% more battery life than analogue systems meaning your workforce can continue to do their jobs without any interruptions for longer.

Unlock better operations with digital and analogue two way communication equipment from Consam.

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