2-way radio for Schools & Education environments

2-way radios for School & Education environments.

With an understanding of the budget issues that face the education sector, we offer a range of communication solutions that is affordable, effective and answers the needs of establishments that need to provide good student and community communications.  We can provide radio systems to hire for the school year, simply return them for the summer holidays and you won’t have the expense whilst you break for summer.

For larger campus and university environments, two way radios have a much bigger impact in improving communications amongst staff but the benefits and features that can also be utilised with 2 way radios offer a system that will quickly become heavily relied upon.  You don’t need to worry about being interrupted by noise from your radio whilst teaching or lecturing, radios have volume control and at the end of the lesson, you’ll be able to see messages or missed calls, keeping you up to date.  You may think that sounds like your mobile, but 2 way radios can offer much more, as well as being free to call and instantaneous, they feature GPS, longer battery life, small discreet handsets, waterproof if necessary, accessories available if required (reception headsets for instance) ability to record and also link to fire alarm systems.  If a fire alarm is triggered in one building, you can easily evacuate just one building whilst notifying all other buildings to alert them easily, needless to say, communication in instances of fire evacuations is critical to keep everyone safe.

Safety & Security are paramount.

Fast response to incidents is critical in a school environment, so our solutions for the education sector ensures that communications are totally co-ordinated, utilising the best technology to safeguard administrative and security personnel and provide a safe secure environment for pupils.

Maximise time in the classroom by implementing 2 way radios, teachers will no longer need to leave the classroom to communicate to the office or send messages with pupils that should be inside the classroom.  If teachers have to send children to the office, to the headteacher or medical room you can easily communicate that to their destination. Panic buttons can also be integrated if required to call for immediate assistance.

Call consam today to discuss your requirements and what offers are available to you, our experts can provide you with great advice on what handsets, systems or accessories are right for you.  Click here to read more about our lease or rental packages.

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