Two way radios for retail.

One of the fastest moving environments, where instant, flexible communication is needed to keep the whole retail team in touch with what is happening at the sharp end – the customer. Our two way radio solutions offer advanced technology, high performance communication and a range of feature options to suit retail operations.

Be aware of the security threats.

Many retails outlets benefit from communicating with each other to maintain safety and security.  Shopping centres and retail outlets can effectively communicate using 2 way radios to advise neighbouring businesses regarding thieves, security or safety issues, making the workplace a safer environment for everyone by working together, especially small businesses that have few employees.

Provide great customer service using two way radios.

Alternatively, you may require radios to communicate within your store – to order products to be moved to shopfloor for instance.  This can save your staff much legwork and provide your customers with a better shopping experience with reduced waiting times.  For larger stores, it provides the ability to radio for assistance, to reduce queue waiting times, find the right member of staff to assist the customer.  Radios can be handheld or have accessories such as discreet earpieces.

Digital radios also offer digital screen displays that allow users to distribute text messages to one, to all or to a group for discreet communications.

There are many more functions available talk to Consam regarding your retail 2 way communication requirements today on 0116 276 0909.

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