Noisy Environments

2-way radios for noisy environments.

Many working and industrial environments are loud and noisy, so 2-way communication between co-workers can be seriously impaired. It is vital that communication is clear, as misinterpretation or misunderstanding can have serious consequences.  Reliable 2 way communication can resolve communication issues and there are many features that can aid clear communication in such environments.  If however, you require handsfree communication, Consam 2 way radios can help you choose equipment that will help you operate at your best without restrictions.

Walkie Talkie Headsets.

Consam has a number of innovative solutions that are tailored specifically to industrial and noisy environments to maximise communication performance.  Walkie Talkie Headsets are ideal for noisy environments and allow you to keep your hands free to continue working whilst receiving all important communications with co-workers via your walkie talkie headset which can be designed to fit comfortably inside a helmet.  Reducing down time by implementing these kinds of accessories in many industries can benefit from a huge return on investment.

Safety essential.

Your new 2 way radios from Consam can integrate with existing systems, link to safety and security features, have panic buttons and much much more.  In a loud environment where fire alarms have the potential to not be heard, communicating to staff immediately to vacate the building can be essential.  Walkie talkies can be linked to fire alarms to alert recipients immediately, for much larger buildings this can also be programmed to alert all units in the effected sector to vacate without instructing other sectors to do the same.

Consam 2 way radios team are on hand to help you specify your new system and provide you with ongoing support for your equipment.  Call today and chat to one of our experts.

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