lone workers

Two way communication for Lone Workers

Keeping lone workers safe.

Lone workers can be reassured that they have easy communication and security measures in place to keep them from any harm.  2 way radios have come a long way in recent years and now provide features such as GPS tracking and panic buttons which can be important features when staff are working alone. Workers can have the ability to raise an alarm swiftly and call for assistance and communicate with colleagues.  You can even have the ability to record conversations.  Should the panic button be pressed for instance, the radio could begin recording what occurs to refer back to for any reason at a later date.

Professional walkie talkies from Consam

Walkie talkies can be handheld, handsfree, headsets or discreet earpieces to suit any working environment.  We pre-programme and test all of our radios so that they arrive with you ready to use.  Consam specialise in supplying high quality 2 way communication to companies of all sizes and have flexible payment options to suit any requirement.  Whether you wish to hire, buy or lease your 2 way communication system, Consam can help offer you the expertise and technical support you need.

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