Is Digital or Analogue Two Way Radio Technology Right for Me?

Whatever industry you reside in, one thing is for certain, without clear communication to your workforce and customer base productivity would be non-existent. The use of two way radio technology ensures organisations across a wide range of sectors can make clarity and improved workplace efficiency a reality.

However, with a number of two way radios on the market, you may be spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting a fitting product for you and your team. The product choice, plus whether you should opt for a digital or analogue system, will make your decision difficult without the right professional advice.

As the UK’s most experienced supplier of two way communication technology, we can help you find an effective solution that works for your business and its budget. Here we answer one of the most important questions on every organisation’s lips – analogue or digital?

An easy to implement solution for small businesses

For smaller businesses across the retail, construction, industrial or hospitality sectors getting communication right can make all the difference between landing on your feet and falling flat on your face!

Smaller businesses looking for loyal customers that will stay with them for the long haul need to deliver a better service than their competitors, and ensuring productivity across the company is an important part of this journey. Analogue devices provide an easy to use and easy to implement option for small businesses and lone workers wishing to enhance communication quickly and easily.

Enhanced and flexible privacy

Thanks to the latest innovations in two way radio technology, digital devices offer a selection of flexible and well developed features for companies big and small. Privacy is often a major issue for organisations operating in the public and private sectors, with crossed lines a regular occurrence with prehistoric analogue models. However, thanks to the advanced security features of digital handsets you can keep company information private.

The privacy settings can also be adjusted accordingly depending on your desired coverage, enabling managers and other users to communicate one-to-one or one-to-many. Digital devices provide enhanced security encryption to deliver better audio quality across a protected network.

Harness affordability through analogue communication

For businesses with tight budgets, analogue two way radios offer an affordable yet effective solution that can meet a wide range of requirements. Due to the basicness and practicality of the analogue design the handsets are incredibly easy to use meaning no lengthy and costly training sessions are needed to bring your workforce up to speed on your new communication system.

The simple system also means that there is no need to purchase additional features and accessories often associated with digital devices. An entire analogue network can be purchased or hired at a relatively low cost meaning you can distribute your budget elsewhere to enhance your company further.

Integrate digital devices with your existing system

Digital two way radios provide improved features that can be easily integrated into your existing network of analogue devices. Whilst digital communication products may cost more, their improved shelf life, excellent features and flexibility ensure you are investing in a long term solution for your organisation.

The ease of integration offered by digital radios also enables you to make the move to digital at your own pace, increasing and replacing your existing system as you see fit over a period of time.

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