Hytera Radios – a sound investment for your business

The problems associated with communicating inside a noisy commercial or industrial workplace can be difficult to solve.

Here at Consam, we work with a range of well-known manufacturers to ensure that we stock the latest in two way communications, which help resolve many of the issues facing our customers today.

For many, our range of Hytera radios provides the perfect solution to all their communication difficulties.radio

Whether you require digital radios for a manufacturing or warehouse setting or within a school, venue or retail environment, Hytera radios such as the Digital Migration Radio PD3 Series, offer numerous benefits which help employees stay better connected.

Reliable communications

All Hytera radios undergo rigorous testing to make sure that they can withstand the harsh environments they may be used in.

They are also built to be robust and hard-wearing so that they can endure day-to-day operations.

For businesses where privacy is essential, our range of Hytera radios also include headsets, which can provide clearer communication and improved confidentiality.


Pioneering innovative radio technology

With an extensive range of DRM and analogue accessories, customers can adapt any Hytera handset or headset to suit their needs, whatever industry they are in.

All Hytera radios come with a series of useful and customised accessories which can be fully adapted to ensure enhanced communications across the business.

The adaptability of Hytera radios also ensures that they are a cost effective solution for most industries.


A Hytera model to suit you

Our expert advisers are on hand to discuss your particular needs and recommend a radio which will fulfil all your requirements. For more information call 01162 760 909 or visit our contact page.

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