2-way radios for hotels

Two way radio communication for Hotels

It is important for hotels to offer their customers a first class service their customers expect.  Delivering that service can be a difficult challenge especially when operating at maximum capacity.  With numerous guests to keep content, efficient hotel communication can assist your staff to deliver the service you want to provide.  Given the size of the big hotel groups, it’s important to maintain effective, clear communication amongst many people to ensure a smooth operation.

Consam two way radio utilises the very best in two way radio technology to ensure that the widest communication range is available for many different handset users.  A range of products is available that is suited to the needs of hotels of all sizes.  Two way radio communication is no longer bulky handsets that users have to carry around, their are many professional and discreet lightweight handsets with various accessories to optimize performance.

A 2 way radio system would allow the reception desk of any hotel to communicate quickly to staff to resolve customer enquiries swiftly, allowing your hotel to provide your guests with a fantastic service.

As well as providing essential communication, two way radios can incorporate safety features such as linking to fire alarms and panic buttons to call for assistance. There are many other features that can be incorporated and accessories such as charging racks, headsets or earpieces and Consam 2-way radios can offer bespoke solutions if required.

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