2 way communication for Festivals and Events

Where public safety is paramount, high performance, reliable 2-way communication is vital. Personnel working in areas of crowd control, or attending incidents need to be confident that their communications won’t let them down.

Consam 2 way radios has a range of high performance, technologically advanced 2-way communication solutions that will meet the demands of public safety and crisis situations. Our state-of-the-art digital range offers high performance and crystal clear communications when continuity and connectivity is paramount. In addition, this range provide strong security, total reliability and encryption capability.

Consam 2 way communication solutions

Talk to Consam 2 way radios today about your event requirements, and we can ensure you have all the equipment you require with all the reliability and functionality you need to run your event smoothly and keep your event staff safe whilst ensuring the success of your event for those attending.

If your only having a one off event, and don’t have the need to purchase 2 way radios, Consam 2 way radios are the perfect provider to rent your radios from, with flexible options from as short as 1 day hire to rolling periods.

Consam provide you with pre-programmed radios, training and can support you with any difficulties you may encounter using your equipment.

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