Clear and concise two way communication.

Manufacturing is all about increasing productivity and driving costs down.  Effective two way communications play a vital role in providing real-time information and intelligence to increase efficiency and safety where it’s needed most.

A manufacturing or engineering plant tends to be a noisy environment, which adds a further degree of difficulty when trying to communicate with different work areas and departments.  We have a number of innovative two way communication solutions that are tailored to industrial and noisy environments to maximise performance.

There are many different models available, and many are designed to be more robust to withstand a harsher environment such as factories, Consam experts are available to offer you great advice on which handsets will resolve any communication issues.

Digital two way communication radios offer the flexibility to be able to programme different groups.  This means that you can talk to everyone within a specified department at once, to communicate effectively without disturbing other groups.  You can still talk to everyone, or just one person and the screen display will alert users to missed calls and allow users to send text messages if required.  Digital two way communication radios can also be linked to fire alarm systems to alert users to evacuate sectors or the entire building increasing safety measures.

If standard handsets do not quite meet your requirements or resolve your problems, Consam 2 way radios can design and supply bespoke systems for you.

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