DMR Vs. Analogue – Which Should You Choose?

We’re no stranger to the benefits that go hand-in-hand with better communication, but as a business just starting out or an organisation at the very top of their game, the world of two way communication may leave you baffled. Throw in the diverse range of products available and shopping for a clearer way to communicate company-wide may leave you running for the nearest exit.

Finding a communication solution that suits your business, your budget and your ambitions needn’t be hard work, in fact, our team has helped countless clients discover the two way radio models that satisfy their needs on all fronts. One of the most common questions we encounter during the purchase or hire process however is – DMR or analogue? Read on to find out the answer…

DMR communication

Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) is a popular choice for many and with more innovative and affordable technology hitting the market, the huge benefits associated with this specific radio type are for all to see. In comparison with analogue models, DMR radios provide wider coverage and improved audio quality, two factors that make communicating with clarity and confidence a reality.

Many digital radios come equipped with advanced features such as customisable privacy settings (ensuring one-to-one and one-to-many communication), text messaging and conversation recording.

Analogue radios

Often seen as the simpler solution, analogue radios aren’t as prehistoric as you may think. Whilst analogue models tend to be better suited to companies wishing to communicate over a shorter range, their basic features and functionality mean easy integration, even among teams that have never used communication equipment before. With analogue radios there is no need for costly, extensive training with many models calling upon the push to talk system.

Why choose?

Here at Consam, our range of branded analogue and DMR radios gives new and existing clients better choice but for those searching for digital and analogue capabilities, we’re certainly of the mind-set that you shouldn’t have to choose. We stock a selection of DMR radios that also come with analogue features so you can change modes at the click of a button!


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