Digital 2 way radios

The future really is digital as more users of 2 way radios see the huge benefits that this technology offers. From higher performance, longer range and greater voice clarity, enhanced calling features and software availability to strong security and encryption capabilities.

A digital 2 way radio offers a much wider coverage and provides enhanced audio quality for clear and long range communication that is not impaired by interference and can also work in conjunction with existing analogue radios where necessary. They can feature a digital screen to display messages or alert you to missed calls.

Major public safety operations where strong security encryption capabilities and well developed features are required will greatly benefit from using digital 2 way radios.

Digital 2 way radios offer

  • One to one privacy setting
  • One to many
  • Longer range
  • Longer battery life – up to an extra 40% operation time
  • Integration with existing systems
  • Greater protection against eaves-dropping
  • Free text messaging service with pre-sets available – one to one or one to all
  • Record conversations
  • Reduction in background noise

If you require radios that are waterproof or more robust to withstand a harsh working environment, Consam 2 way radios can recommend the best model for you.  For large operations that have specific groups you can easily programme your radios into individual groups for ease and speed of contact.

If you have specific requirements for your audio equipment, Consam will design a bespoke solution to meet specific requirements, providing an unrivaled standard of expertise and service.

If you would like to qualify for a free trial of our digital 2 way radios please complete the form and a member of the team will be in touch with you shortly.


If you do not wish to purchase your equipment outright you can always choose to hire your digital 2 way radios at an agreed daily, weekly or monthly charge.  This option allows you to add or reduce the number of handsets to meet your business requirements.  Radios can be hired for short and long term periods to meet your needs, simply contact us today to find out how we can help.

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