Digital, Analogue or Intrinsically Safe Walkie Talkies – Which is Right for My Organisation?

The world of two way communication can be a complicated place, and with more sophisticated makes and models of radio available to hire and buy, companies across all industries may find the selection process more difficult than ever.

At Consam, we aim to help organisations from all sectors make communication clearer, and as well as stocking equipment from leading manufacturers – including Motorola, Kenwood, icom, Hytera, Box, TomTom, Vertex and Foretrack – we advise on the benefits associated with different radio types so you can find the most cost effective and appropriate product for your needs.

Digital two way radios

There’s no doubt that radios that fall under the digital description offer the most advanced features around, but how exactly can your organisation take full advantage of the latest technology?

For companies that take privacy particularly seriously, the one-to-one and one-to-many settings make digital radios perfect investments. Team this with the longer range, longer battery life, enhanced encryption capabilities and easy integration with existing systems and digital radio equipment ensures ease and speed of contact can be harnessed across multiple environments.

Analogue equipment

There are many environments where the use of digital radios may not be suitable but it’s important to note that you don’t have to go without. Whilst it does have a limited lifespan in comparison with digital models, analogue radio communication equipment can offer the basic functionality you need to improve performance and productivity from within.

Intrinsically safe walkie talkies

There are some environments where specialist items may be needed, and whilst there are a number of analogue and digital models available for purchase or lease, those labelled as intrinsically safe walkie talkies may mean that you can improve safety and remain legally compliant. Intrinsically safe walkie talkies are made specifically for environments deemed potentially explosive with the specialist, ATEX approved components within preventing flames, sparks and other sources of heat from becoming hazardous for workers at all levels.


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