2 way radios for construction

Durable 2 way radios for the construction industry.

The construction sector gives all of its tools and equipment a hard time, and 2-way radios are no exception. It is an aggressive, usually dusty and noisy environment, and telecommunications equipment takes a beating. Consam has a range of rugged 2-way radio solutions that are designed to stand up to this tough challenge, in terms of durability and high performance communication.

Where there is a high level of noise, clarity of communication is vital – especially where the health and safety of workers is concerned. As well as utilising the very best technology to ensure optimum sound performance, we also offer a unique hands-free solution with earpiece built into a hard hat or helmet.

Flexible communication options to suit everyone.

Digital radios also offer you the flexibility to be able to programme different groups if required as well as talk to everyone, or just one person.  The screen display will alert users to missed calls and allow users to send text messages.  Digital 2 way radios can also be linked to fire alarm systems to alert users to evacuate sectors or the entire building increasing safety measures.

Radio systems are available to purchase, lease or hire – simply call today for your quote.

Call us today and speak to one of our experts to find out what the best 2 way radios for your industry are and which will meet your requirements.

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