DMR Vs. Analogue – Which Should You Choose?

DMR Vs. Analogue – Which Should You Choose?

We’re no stranger to the benefits that go hand-in-hand with better communication, but as a business just starting out or an organisation at the very top of their game, the world of two way communication may leave you baffled. Throw in the diverse range of products available and shopping for a clearer way to communicate company-wide may leave you running for the nearest exit.

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Which Hytera Walkie Talkie Should I Invest in?

As the UK’s leading supplier of several analogue and digital radio brands, we are no stranger to helping our clients discover the best, most effective and affordable route to customised communications. In addition to selling the latest and greatest radio models from the likes of Motorola, Kenwood, Icom, Box, TomTom, Vertex and Foretrack, our selection of Hytera walkie talkies is second to none. However, with such a huge range to choose from, how can you determine which Hytera radio is right for your organisation?

Here we take a closer look at just some of the Hytera radio models stocked and supplied by our team so you can make an informed decision during your upcoming purchase.

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Hytera Radios – a sound investment for your business

The problems associated with communicating inside a noisy commercial or industrial workplace can be difficult to solve.

Here at Consam, we work with a range of well-known manufacturers to ensure that we stock the latest in two way communications, which help resolve many of the issues facing our customers today.

For many, our range of Hytera radios provides the perfect solution to all their communication

Whether you require digital radios for a manufacturing or warehouse setting or within a school, venue or retail environment, Hytera radios such as the Digital Migration Radio PD3 Series, offer numerous benefits which help employees stay better connected.

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Digital, Analogue or Intrinsically Safe Walkie Talkies – Which is Right for My Organisation?

The world of two way communication can be a complicated place, and with more sophisticated makes and models of radio available to hire and buy, companies across all industries may find the selection process more difficult than ever.

At Consam, we aim to help organisations from all sectors make communication clearer, and as well as stocking equipment from leading manufacturers – including Motorola, Kenwood, icom, Hytera, Box, TomTom, Vertex and Foretrack – we advise on the benefits associated with different radio types so you can find the most cost effective and appropriate product for your needs.

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What Makes ATEX Approved Radios Intrinsically Safe?

As an employer in a highly specialised industry sector you are certain to have many moral and legal obligations to fulfil, however, for those running or managing work environments that are deemed ‘explosive atmospheres’ even your selection of equipment can mean the difference between life and death.

The ATEX Directive provides essential reading for employers in oil rigs, open mines and other hazardous settings. In addition to delivering guidance on what constitutes an explosive atmosphere, the Directive and underlying regulations offer further information about the equipment and protective systems intended for use in such workplaces, but what exactly makes radio equipment ATEX approved?

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What are Intrinsically Safe 2 Way Radios?

Intrinsically safe 2 way radios


















For organisations everywhere, safety is not just of utmost importance when it comes to protecting the employees that work in your business, and indeed the visiting customers who purchase your products or services.  It is also a legal obligation regardless of which industry sector you work.  In some environments, in particular safety operations, could mean the difference between life and death, and that is where intrinsic safety practices come in.

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2 Way Radios into Your Midlands Business

Every business, regardless of which industry they reside in, wants to do the best by their customers and climb the ladder to become a market leader in their own right. Whilst there are many articles offering top tips on how you can do just that, the investment you make in communication can set you up for success.

2 way radios have been at the heart of many Midlands based businesses for as long as we can remember – but why exactly should you introduce digital or analogue radios into your working environment?

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Your Guide to Walkie Talkie Headset Use in the Workplace

You don’t have to be a business genius to understand that communication sits at the heart of every successful process and procedure, but, in organisations big and small, simply speaking face-to-face to your fellow colleagues, employees or managers isn’t enough to ensure a positive and productive outcome. In today’s technologically driven age, the adoption of radio communications equipment is an excellent route to market domination, and walkie talkie headsets in particular have paved the way for better business in recent years.

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2 Way Radio Specialist: Which Industries Would Benefit Most From Their Expertise?

Great communication sits at the heart of all organisations, regardless of their size or niche, but as your workforce, demand or both grow, as a business owner or manager you may encounter a number of challenges that threaten to bring your success so far to a halt. But fear not, with the latest and greatest equipment from Consam, a leading 2 way radio specialist, you can unlock numerous benefits, including instant access to all staff members, improved customer care, increased efficiency, heightened productivity, enhanced health and safety, and lower operational costs.

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Why Should You Introduce Digital Radio Communications?

Whatever industry sector you reside in, communication is the key to not only ensuring that both new and existing customers are fully satisfied with your products or services but keeping your workforce positive and productive. There are a number of radio communication devices that sit at the heart of many industries, however, when it comes to upgrading your current system or adopting brand new technology within your organisation understanding the benefits that go hand-in-hand with digital two way radios is important.

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What Can Your Retail Business Gain from Commercial 2 Way Radio Use?

Communication is one thing that drives every business forward. For organisations within the retail industry in particular ensuring that your workforce has the equipment they need to put communication high on their list of priorities is not just a matter of improving safety and security but essential to delivering the service that your customers deserve.

The retail industry is built on great customer service, and only those that fine-tune their operations to incorporate this will thrive in this fast paced world. Whether you run a clothing outlet, garden centre or DIY store, prioritising your customers can be achieved through the use of commercial 2 way radios, read on to find out how… Continue reading

What Benefits Can You Harness from Headset Use?

Whatever industry your business resides in having the latest technology to hand can make all the difference to operations and the productivity of your workforce. Two-way radio equipment has long been a great way to keep communication at the heart of business.  Whilst equipment has evolved from the simple push-to-talk functions of analogue radios to the advanced additions found on digital radios, the 2 way radio headset unlocks a selection of advantages across a number of industries.

Read on to find out more about how the adoption of 2 way radio headset equipment and accessories could transform your organisation for the better.

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5 Reasons Why Discount Two Way Radios are great for Garden Centres

With the weather gradually improving as we enter spring, it’s a busy time for garden centres so we have put together a guide to help you decide whether discount two way radios would impact your garden centre.

We have outlined the 5 biggest reasons why you should consider using discount two way radios at your garden centre below. We understand the importance of ease and affordability so we have chosen reasons most relevant to these whilst still improving your communication within the workforce.

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Tips to Find Your Cheap Walkie Talkie

Consam 2-Way-Radios are approved re-sellers and supply the following makes;

  • Hytera
  • Icom
  • Kenwood
  • Motorola
  • Vertex
  • Maxon
  • Entel
  • Tait

Many business and organisations see a brand name and instantly think – “there must be a cheaper version”. This is not always the case!

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Is price the most important aspect to consider when buying walkie talkies?

It’s hard to say no to a low price, but at times you need to consider other elements when purchasing something, especially if it impacts your business. When it comes to walkie talkie price there are many things to think about before buying the cheapest bundle, especially if you take them back to the office to find out they’re not what you’d hoped for.

Here are some key points to consider before buying walkie talkies:

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What’s the Difference Between Walkie Talkies and Two Way Radios?

For many individuals, the terminology surrounding the latest analogue and digital communication devices can be confusing, particularly if you are an industrial or commercial business owner looking to upgrade your devices for better efficiency.

However, knowing which walkie talkie or two way radio is right for you means developing an understanding of this market and the jargon that many manufacturers throw at you in the process. Whilst here at Consam 2 Way Radios, we try to keep the purchase and hire process as transparent and easy to understand as possible to ensure each and every one of our customers can find the right product for them, many manufacturers don’t make it as simple.

Here we provide our essential advice on walkie talkies so you can source an effective and efficient communication solution for your organisation.

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Is Digital or Analogue Two Way Radio Technology Right for Me?

Whatever industry you reside in, one thing is for certain, without clear communication to your workforce and customer base productivity would be non-existent. The use of two way radio technology ensures organisations across a wide range of sectors can make clarity and improved workplace efficiency a reality.

However, with a number of two way radios on the market, you may be spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting a fitting product for you and your team. The product choice, plus whether you should opt for a digital or analogue system, will make your decision difficult without the right professional advice.

As the UK’s most experienced supplier of two way communication technology, we can help you find an effective solution that works for your business and its budget. Here we answer one of the most important questions on every organisation’s lips – analogue or digital?

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Two Way Communication – 5 Reasons to Go Digital

In the majority of cases, digital triumphs over analogue systems, however, many companies across a number of industry sectors still rely on traditional two way communication to get by. If you are considering an upgrade to your two way communication equipment, making the move from analogue to digital couldn’t be easier and can unlock a series of advantages for lone workers, noisy working environments, event organisers, retailers and public sector organisations.

Here we take a closer look at why a move to digital two-way radio may be a step in the right direction for your company…

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Supporting Leicester FC solve poor radio performance issues

Following promotion to the Premier League in May 2014, the first time in ten years that Leicester City had played in the highest tier of English football, the club decided to upgrade its radio communications systems.

As Paul Lewis, operations manager, Leicester City FC, explains, the promotion provided an ideal opportunity for the club to migrate from its existing analogue system to a digital solution. “As we were having issues with the analogue signals, we decided to move to digital. Principally because it offered more security and clarity, but also because it was up-to-date.”

As Lewis explains, the previous analogue handsets were approaching obsolescence. In cooperation with long-term communications supply partner, Consam Communications, a migration from analogue to digital based on Hytera handportables was initiated during the off-season period.

“We had looked at the other manufacturers,” says Nick Wainwright of Consam Communciations, “and after various discussions with LCFC we decided on Hytera as the manufacturer that offered the best combination of features, an open protocol, small size and competitive pricing.”

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