5 Reasons Why Discount Two Way Radios are great for Garden Centres

With the weather gradually improving as we enter spring, it’s a busy time for garden centres so we have put together a guide to help you decide whether discount two way radios would impact your garden centre.

We have outlined the 5 biggest reasons why you should consider using discount two way radios at your garden centre below. We understand the importance of ease and affordability so we have chosen reasons most relevant to these whilst still improving your communication within the workforce.


  1. Affordability – Most garden centres are small independent businesses so we have made our radios affordable for every business to experience the impact discount two way radios have on communication within the workplace. We also offer seasonal rental plans for businesses that only need a short term solution to their communication problems, particularly in the busier months, however if you feel that your business needs more handsets or you require the radios for a longer period of time, our seasonal rental plans are completely flexible to suit your business needs.
  2. Great for a large number of employees – Digital radios in particular are great for a large number of staff. Garden centres tend to have more staff due to the size of the premises they need to cover so digital radios give you the option to be able to communicate to everyone at the same time but also one-to-one privacy when needed. As an extra feature, some feature free text messaging between digital handsets.
  3. Long battery life – Working at a garden centre where the majority of the time you are on your feet away from the back office, you need a long battery life so your staff can continue to make the business run smoothly without the need to constantly recharge your handset.
  4. Long range – Our discount two way radios cover long distances so you can be sure that you can be contacted even if you are on the outskirts of the premises.
  5. Durability – We only sell high quality recognised brands; these discount two way radios are made to withstand outdoor environments and accidental damage.


Analogue or Digital for garden centres

There are a few aspects to consider when deciding if digital or analogue is best. Digital has many additional features useful for businesses that require them; they tend to be more powerful with 40% longer battery life and a greater range than analogue. Digital discount two way radios offer a reduction in background noise as well as a free text messaging service between handsets.

Analogue would be something to consider if you only require basic functionality with simple push to talk functions. Analogue radios tend to be a more affordable solution for smaller businesses that only need a basic solution to their communications issues. Don’t forget that analogue radios have a limited life and with the digital switchover getting closer, it would be a bad choice if you wanted to invest in analogue as a long term solution, therefore digital would be a better choice.

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