Which is the best – 2 way radio handsets or mobile phones?

These days everyone has mobile phones to hand, and can easily communicate with others.  With text messaging, pre-sets, face time and more functions developing rapidly you might think that 2 way radio handsets are unnecessary.

However, 2 way radio handsets have many advantages over mobile phones that you may not realise.  2 way radios aren’t like they used to be, with fuzzy signals dropping in and out using an outdated analogue platform which is now being replaced with digital handsets with much more functionality.

  1. Free calls and messaging.

No monthly charges, talk and message 2 way radio handsets as much as you like for free.

  1. One to one, One to all, One to many.

Easily communicate with one, all, or set groups of colleagues all at the push of a button.

  1. Headsets and earphones.

2 way radio handsets can be used in conjunction with tough sturdy headsets or sleek stylish earpieces, depending on your requirements.  If you can’t find a solution, Consam can design one for you.

  1. Clear communication.

Often warehouses and workplaces struggle with no mobile signals, this isn’t a problem with 2 way radio handsets – if you are in range you will always have excellent clear communication.

  1. Robust handsets.

If you drop your mobile handset it’s likely to break, isn’t it?  If you drop a 2 way radio, it will likely still work because they’re tougher and designed to withstand harsher environments.

  1. Emergency and safety

Our handsets can have panic buttons and even link to fire alarms if required.


Flexible 2 way radio solutions tailored to you.

All of this allows you to communicate clearly, quickly and effectively to your colleagues or staff and improves work efficiency.  Accessories like charging racks can also be provided to easily recharge the 2 way radio handsets, which will last for hours and easily cover a normal working period.

2 way radio systems are available to purchase, hire or lease to fit your requirements, allowing you to easily upgrade, add more handsets when necessary and can even work in conjunction with existing handsets.

To find out more about Consam 2 way radio systems and the solutions it can offer you, contact us via our website or call 01162 760 909.

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