2 Way Radios into Your Midlands Business

Every business, regardless of which industry they reside in, wants to do the best by their customers and climb the ladder to become a market leader in their own right. Whilst there are many articles offering top tips on how you can do just that, the investment you make in communication can set you up for success.

2 way radios have been at the heart of many Midlands based businesses for as long as we can remember – but why exactly should you introduce digital or analogue radios into your working environment?

Increased privacy

In many industries, discretion is key, and the advanced and easily adaptable privacy settings found on a selection of digital 2 way radios can make protection against eaves-dropping that bit easier for companies based in Nottingham, Leicester and the rest of the Midlands.

Longer range

For many commercial or industrial organisations being able to maintain a good level of communication across large scale working environments can be difficult. However, thanks to the introduction of radio communication, you can enjoy longer range, reduced background noise, better battery life and clarity with every conversation.

Easy integration

Digital and analogue products aren’t just suitable for businesses new to using 2 way radios, for those already using radio communication to improve their service, bringing new models into the fold is easier than you think. All of the 2 way radios hired out or sold by Consam’s Nottingham or Leicester based teams can be integrated easily with existing systems.

Advanced features

With many of the models stocked by Consam boasting a long list of advanced features, enhanced efficiency and productivity can be experienced at all levels. Digital 2 way radios come equipped with recording and text messaging features so you can communicate in multiple ways one to one or one to all.

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