2 Way Radio Specialist: Which Industries Would Benefit Most From Their Expertise?

Great communication sits at the heart of all organisations, regardless of their size or niche, but as your workforce, demand or both grow, as a business owner or manager you may encounter a number of challenges that threaten to bring your success so far to a halt. But fear not, with the latest and greatest equipment from Consam, a leading 2 way radio specialist, you can unlock numerous benefits, including instant access to all staff members, improved customer care, increased efficiency, heightened productivity, enhanced health and safety, and lower operational costs.

Whilst every industry could reap the rewards of better communication, there are a select few that can enjoy a number of advantages when making their move to a radio communication system with the help of a 2 way radio specialist.


Organisations throughout the industrial sector are known for their noisy and challenging working conditions, but with the help of a 2 way radio specialist these factors no longer have to result in decreased productivity and increased costs.

Whether your firm specialises in manufacturing, logistics or another industrial practice, ensuring that the fast paced needs of the market as well as the demands of your customers are met is essential. With an analogue or digital 2 way radio system you can successfully establish both indoor and outdoor communication between all levels, from yard staff and transport teams to warehouse staff and management, to ensure results are delivered on time and the wider business can continue with maximum efficiency in mind.


At first glance the public sector may not be an industry that you automatically associate with radio communication, but in schools and other educational establishments, communication are key. 2 way radio specialists are regularly called upon to ensure radio systems can be selected and integrated to make the school year as productive as possible, without exceeding the budget. Staff working in larger campuses can improve the student experience with radio communication equipment, whilst safety and security can also be made a main priority to ensure an equally safe and secure environment for pupils.


Having technology you can rely on is integral to events of all sizes. Not only does the use of 2 way radios mean personnel can do their jobs efficiently, often going above and beyond the call of duty, but having confidence in communication also means incidents can be reported and the safety of attendees ensured.  High performance can also be guaranteed across a number of environments, whether you are hosting a music festival in the middle of nowhere or heading a sporting event in the heart of the city.

Whatever the nature of your event, our 2 way radio specialists can be relied upon to provide support every step of the way so you can make the most of the features available and utilise a system that works for your specific needs.

Hospitality and retail

Customer satisfaction is the key to success of any business in the hospitality or retail sector, but ensuring you meet the demands of your target audience as efficiently and effectively as you can simply isn’t possible without an instant and flexible means of communication – that’s where 2 way radios come in. Our 2 way radio specialists have access to systems that will help you improve security throughout your organisation as well as ensure great customer service.

Start-ups, established businesses and sole traders across the retail and hospitality sectors can all bolster their efficiency and security through the use of 2 way radio.

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